William Canduri

Desarrollo Humano

High skilled Human Performance Strategist who drives individual and teams toward success, also being a results-driven leader known for expertise for process improvement in manufacturing operations. Recognized for proficiency program management and building strong relationships with cross-functional areas to develop feasible and efficient solutions for teamwork.

Goal: Drive high levels of achievement that fulfill your strategic vision.

Key Accomplishments:

• Human Performance Technology: Created a new hire IME Training & Development module for FCA to allow for the understanding of duties and responsibilities that reduces training time by 50% while retaining comprehension.

• Human Performance Technology: Designed a mentoring plan for manufacturing assistants at FCA that improve their performance in 20+% during the first month of implementation in areas such as FTT (deliverables) and Time Management.

• Process improvement: Achieved $500K in cost savings and improved customer satisfaction through the implementation of 7 Kaizen projects for FCA, which resulted in over 30 changes and improvements to production methods.

• Problem solving: Led project to design an e-sign off validation system to automate the work instruction sheets review and approval process during the pre-series phase. The benefits of the project included the elimination of scheduling conflicts, better team communication, new auditing options, improved control feedback, reduced turnaround time, and avoidance of build issues.

• Management Consulting: Designed and implemented enhancements to the FMEA system (Key Process Tracking), including improved tools that resulted in time savings of an estimated 20+% for future programs.